Established in 1974 by Burton Feingold, FEINGOLD introduced natural vitamin E capsules to Germany, inspired by a renowned nutritionist. The brand, rooted in natural wellness, has diversified its offerings to include omega-3-fish oil and complementary nutrients, ensuring consistent quality in all products.

  • Vision

    A daily intake of 250 mg (Omega 3) or more of DHA supports this.

  • Brain

    Consider the brain as a muscle; without exercise, its performance can wane. Apart from mental tasks, a daily intake of 250 mg or more of DHA, found mainly in nerve tissues, the brain, and the eyes' retina, is essential for optimal signal transmission

  • Heart

    For heart health, alongside a balanced diet and active lifestyle, a daily intake of 250 mg or more of EPA/DHA is vital. Both contribute to optimal blood pressure, heart rhythm, and triglyceride levels.

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