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Joint Health Bundle

Joint Health Bundle

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Design for your eye health

Feingold Luteasan

BASF's Patented Xangold®

Naturally derived from Marigold Flower

Natural Form of Lutein Esters

Research found that esters form has better absorption than free form lutein

High Concentration of DHA

Aids in the efficient delivery of lutein to the eyes, enhancing vision health & reduce dry eye symptoms

Formulated with Olive Oils & Vitamin E

Boosts lutein absorption and provides added protection with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E.

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Nutrients for joint & Cartilage

Feingold Nutrients for Bones & Cartilage

Cartilage Restoration Specialists

Glucosamine + Chondroitin: A synergistic pair for cartilage repair and enhanced joint function, reducing discomfort

Inflammation Soothers

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Powerful anti-inflammatories that ease joint pain and improve flexibility

Collagen Creators for Joint Strength

Zinc and Vitamin C work together to stimulate collagen production, essential for robust and resilient joints

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Nutrients needs for heart & brain

Feingold Omega 3 plus Vit. D

BASF's Patent Pronova Pure

Patented technology that efficiently produces high-purity, concentrated Omega-3 fish oil, ensuring potency and removing impurities.

Derived from South Pacific Deep Sea Fish

Derived from the deep waters of the South Pacific, our fish oil offers superior Omega-3 purity and quality.

Formulated with Vitamin D

Enriched with Vitamin D, our formulation ensures enhanced health benefits, supporting bone strength and immune function.

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